Best Ways to Take Care of Removable Dentures

  • Soothing Dental
  • August 4, 2022

When you have lost some or all of your teeth, dentures or removable partial dentures are one way to rehabilitate the mouth, and be able to chew properly, speak clearly, maintain your oral and overall health, smile with confidence, support the structure of your face, and even have…

Hygienic Tips for Cleaning Invisalign Trays

  • Soothing Dental
  • July 9, 2022

Invisalign orthodontic trays have many advantages over traditional braces for those who qualify, including comfort, transparency, the lack of dietary restrictions, and the speed at which teeth can be straightened.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work with your dentist to be sure the process is…

Taking Care of Your Dental Fillings

  • Soothing Dental
  • June 1, 2022

Tooth decay (aka cavities or dental caries) is second only to the common cold as the most common disease for Americans. It typically is the consequence of folks not understanding the need for better education on prevention, which is clearly the less expensive and less involved solution. Cavities…

Awkward Teeth Spacing: The Solutions That Can Help

  • Soothing Dental
  • April 12, 2022

Gaps between teeth are very common, often developed as permanent teeth emerge in the overcrowded mouth of a child. They can occur due to thumb-sucking, missing or undersized teeth, or periodontal disease causing teeth to fall out. Issues like these can cause spacing that results in areas where…

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