Modern Concierge Dentistry

Concierge experience

Get a free Uber ride to/from your appointment and watch Netflix on VR when we work! Access your dentists 24/7 through the app and more.

Latest technology

From dental tech to virtual reality, artificial intelligence and mobile app, we got you.

No insurance? Not a problem.

We accept all PPO plans but if you don’t have one, subscribe to one of our monthly plans and save.

soothing dental app for concierge dentistry

Dental plans

If you don’t have dental insurance or would like to change your current insurance plan to an unlimited more affordable one with more coverage, choose one of our plans.

100% Preventive
25% Minor care
5% Crown & bridge
5% Surgery & removable
5% Cosmetic
100% Preventive
100% Minor care
20% Crown & bridge
20% Surgery & removable
15% Cosmetic
100% Preventive
100% Minor care
50% Crown & bridge
50% Surgery & removable
30% Cosmetic
No annual limits or waiting periods

Unlike traditional dental insurances, our plans don’t limit how much work you can get done annually. You can also start using your plan as soon as you sign up.

most affordable dental ppo plan
Lower monthly fee than PPO plans

Our plans provide you access to Soothing Dental’s premium dentistry while making your monthly fee and out-of-pocket expenses lower than any PPO dental plan.

Dental Services

You can go to any of our offices to get your dental work done whether or not you have our monthly plans. Our dentists use the most recent technologies in any of our offices to provide you with the most comfortable dental experience of your life. For a complete list of what service belongs to what category try dental cost estimator.

Preventive and Minor Care

Regular prevention usually keeps you problem-free, or at worst in need of minor work. Our caring dentists conduct thorough exams and cleanings to help you keep your teeth for the rest of your life.

If you need minor work, we offer deep cleanings to gently remove infection below the gums, as well as fillings that feel smooth, look natural, and leave no food traps.

Crowns and Bridges

We create crowns, inlays and onlays (or partial crowns), and bridges that are natural-looking, long-lasting, and beautiful. In addition, we can create many crowns and inlays/onlays in one visit with CAD/CAM technology. This means no big gagging tray of goop, no temporary, and it’s done right he first time.

And if you’re a plan member, we warranty that crown for life.

Surgery and Removables

Occasionally surgery is necessary to alleviate pain, preserve your smile, or restore your bite to harmony. Our experienced doctors have specific training for implants, root canals, tooth extractions, and pinhole surgery (gum surgery without cutting or stitches).

We also dramatically improve our patients lives with customized night guards, dentures, and sleep apnea appliances.


A beautiful smile creates a dazzling first impression, and a lifetime of opportunities that come with it. Our cosmetic bonding fixes minor chips, cracks and gaps, while porcelain veneers create an entirely new smile. We also offer Invisalign, for perfectly straight teeth in months.

Our gum contouring and other treatments address gummy smiles and black triangles. We specialize in beauty.

We accept all PPO plans

We are transparent about our prices. Check out our tool to estimate your dental costs with different options.

What our patients say about us

I absolutely love it here… the staff is the absolute best (Stella does fantastic cleanings; I’d trust her with my life! and Samantha is also wonderful and makes coming into the office so welcoming and coordinating schedules so easy).

I have a patient here at soothing dental for a year and I must say that there service is great ! The staff is friendly and courteous and you can’t beat the amazing views inside the examination rooms.

This literally is the best dental experience I’ve ever had. I was a complete mess when I walked in the door, overly scared and anxious about what I was about to find out about my mouth.

Great work – quickly identified treatment plan for my dental work, presented options and got right down to work.  Very relaxing environment with a view that can’t be beaten.

hated going to the dentist for cleanings until I met Stella. Stella is a rock star and she is the only person I trust to clean my teeth. She is gentle and always does a wonderful job of making my teeth sparkly clean.

Best dentist experience I’ve ever had. No forms to fill out at check-in and no wait for my appointment. They provided awesome noise-canceling headphones that I used during my cleaning.

Learn more

Read more information on our blog about latest dental procedures and methodologies, dental insurance, how to minimize your costs and more.