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Are you looking for information on how much does it cost to do a certain dental procedure but can’t find much online? We made a cost estimator tool. Find the dental cost of various procedures like fillings, root canals, whitening, etc.

Why dentists don’t publish prices?

If you’ve ever tried to find out how much a root canal [should] cost, you’ve probably noticed that not that many dental offices or dentists have published this information. Dentists are not keen on publishing this information online for [maybe?!] good reasons. The most important reason is that final price and the out-of-pocket expenses depend on many factors besides what the office charges:

  • Dental insurance plan
  • How much you’ve used up your insurance limit this year
  • What procedures you actually need

Every office has its own pricing for each dental procedure. However, what you need to know is that the contracted rate with each insurance company is different so unless you provide your insurance information, an office cannot accurately tell you what the dental work cost is. It’s also important to know that almost all dental insurance plans, except Soothing Dental plans, have annual expenditure limits. If you exceed that, the insurance company will stop paying for any procedure and you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket for it.

Needless to say that the procedure that you actually need, may be different that what you believe you need. In many cases, even two different dentists don’t share the same opinion. You need to find a dentist that you can trust and take his/her recommendation on what dental procedures you actually need.

Soothing Dental cost estimator tool

Despite the issues that we explained above, we understand the patient side of this story. Everyone would like to have an idea as to what the cost will be. That’s why we created dental cost estimator tool. It’s like Google for finding the cost of dental procedures. You can just search for the procedure that you want and we tell you how much the procedure costs without insurance. We also tell you what percentage of this procedure is usually covered by PPO dental plans (it’s a rough estimate). You can also see how much the procedure costs with any of our own monthly plans.

Note that the prices are rough estimates and your final bill will be different based on [mainly] your insurance details.

Use this tool to estimate the cost of your dental work and let us know what you think.