Soothing Dental is a concierge practice, meaning we truly put our relationships with our patients first. You may have been to other offices where you had to wait a long time to be seen, then the dentist always seemed rushed, making it obvious that the bottom line based on volume was the priority. The staff may not even recognize you after years of being a patient.

At Soothing Dental, we know that your oral health is unique and we spend the time to understand your dental and medical history. Dentistry has moved far beyond the cavities everyone was worried about when we grew up and is now about being able to have a healthy mouth and body for our entire lives. We all now know that periodontal bacteria can increase the risk for everything from cardiovascular disease to diabetes. Prevention is always better than cure, so we will work closely with you to be sure your oral care skills are effective.

Concierge Dentistry

Equally important is for us to know your cosmetic dental goals, to be sure that your teeth enhance your confidence. Do you feel the need for a whiter smile? You have a number of options for getting there and the choice of any shade you find ideal. Have you been embarrassed by your crooked teeth because you never had orthodontic braces as a child? Invisalign is an effective option for moving teeth that is less intrusive than traditional braces and can be worn by patients of all ages.

As part of our concierge services, we use the latest technologies, techniques, and materials, hire and train the best staff, and make sure you are comfortable and not anxious about any treatment. We address a range of issues, including:

  • Clenching and grinding, through Botox to relax the muscles or customized night guards
  • Sleep apnea, through an oral appliance to reduce snoring and provide better intake of oxygen
  • A better state of oral health, by addressing cavities, fractures, and tooth pain, along with oral hygiene
  • Providing a confident, pleasant smile, through whitening, changing gumlines or veneers
  • And much more

We will respond to your calls, voicemails, emails, and texts immediately. We will work with you to make what you need affordable through our membership benefits and monthly plans.

Welcome to the Soothing Dental family.

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