What Can You Do to Remedy Toothache?

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So you have toothache? It sucks; I know!

First, I have to say that whatever you are about to read will only give you temporary relief and you will have to see your dentist as soon as possible. With that understanding, you can read on.

To remedy pain one needs to know what the cause of the pain may be. Not all tooth pains have the same solution and remedy. So, don’t just take a random advice for “toothache”. As in any other pain in the body, it’s best to not self medicate if possible.

Firstly, it’s important to make sure that the toothache is actually coming from a tooth (and is not related to something else which you might be confusing with a toothache). Determining that on its own is not an easy thing to do. The safest way is to visually see that there is something wrong with your tooth (like a big black cavity). Also, if your pain increases when you drink cold or hot water, it’s also probably related to your tooth. There are so many cases that you actually need to go to a dental school to be able to tell for sure.

So, let’s assume that you know for sure that you have a toothache. Depending on the nature of the pain and its duration, it could be a precursor for never involvement/infection caused by large deep decay or a crack in the tooth. It could also be because of a large deep filling done previously that was close to the nerve and the never being irritated over time because of its presence and reacting to that. In either case, the tooth and its nerve need to be evaluated by the dentist to see treatment options. Usually anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen family are good go to medications to calm the situation given that one can taken them. Having said that, it’s best to see your dentist without the effect of pain medication in the body however as tests involving the evaluation of the tooth would otherwise be masked by the effects of the pain meds! Seeing the dentist would be the best to determine the cause first before medicating. Meanwhile, staying off the tooth in case there is a crack would be helpful as biting on it would only deepen the issue.