What Are Fast-Braces? or How to Speed Up Straightening Your Teeth?

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You could straighten your teeth with a variety of methods these days: traditional braces, Invisalign, 6 Months Smile, MTM just to name a few. Irrespective of the mode, there are options to speed up the process.

The principle is based on how teeth move: bone remodeling (formation and resorption) around the roots of the teeth. When going through orthodontic treatment, irrespective of the method, teeth are being forced/pushed which of course initiates changes at the bone around the roots of the teeth. The same thing happens when there is trauma at the bone level; activity at the cellular level increases to counteract the effects of trauma. With that in mind, there are two main methods currently that can increase the bone remodeling around the roots of the teeth being moved: Propel as well as AcceleDent.


By creating small osteo-perforations aka tiny holes made in the bone around the teeth that are to be moved. And once the teeth are forced to move during the treatment, they’d move faster than without. This is essentially controlled trauma induction to shorten the amount of time needed to move the teeth to the positions intended. The result is 50-60 faster tooth movement. So in the case of Invisalign treatment for instance, instead of wearing a tray for 2 week at a time, it’d be worn for a week typically. The recommended course of treatment for Propel is to start with it when the othodontic therapy is to be started (same appointment) and if much movement of teeth is planned, also mid treatment.


This is a device which is to be used every day for 20 min. It’s similar to a horseshoe plate that causes the teeth on the plate to vibrate, causing them to move, and ultimately bone to remodel around the roots of the teeth. This again shortens the amount of time that would take the teeth to move during orthodontic treatment safely by about 50.

The main difference between the two methods is compliance in a sense that the regular use of AcceleDent is up to the patient however Propel is done by the dentist however possibly twice during the treatment.

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