Welcome Ava: The First AI-Based Dental Assistant

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We are excited to announce a new addition to our team. Ava is the first artificial intelligence based assistant in dentistry (AI-based dental assistant) who can help you with many tasks.

Ava learns to do new things by observing other team members. She has access to different sources of data within Soothing Dental and learns how to perform different tasks. Ava has just completed her training for booking appointments for our new patients and is available to help you 24/7. In addition to being awake all the time (she doesn’t need much sleep), she has programatic access to our APIs and can perform tasks much faster than her human counterparts. For example, booking an appointment with Ava takes less than 30 seconds while the same task takes around 3 minutes with a trained agent due to the latencies for using GUIs.

You can ask Ava to book an appointment for you by saying “book appointment” in our chat widget. Ava will start talking to you and will book you an appointment based on your conversation. In addition to that, Ava suggests booking an appointment for you on relevant pages.