Are incomplete, dull or crooked teeth causing you to shy away from showing off your pearly whites? Do thoughts of a picture-perfect smile like those of celebrities cross your mind frequently? In this case, veneers could be the solution that puts an end to your search.

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Are you familiar with what dental veneers can accomplish? In essence, these slim fitting shells are customized to sit on top of the front side of each tooth. Boasting the ability to modify both shape and size while enhancing color; composite resin or porcelain materials help make this possible. No surprise then that many people opt for veneers as a favored means towards improving their smile’s appearance.

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The Process of Obtaining Dental Veneers in San Francisco

Should you be thinking about opting for dental veneers San Francisco it’s wise to be cognizant of specific factors surrounding this treatment option beforehand. Normally requiring anywhere between two or three appointments within our office setting our first visit consists of skillfully preparing your teeth by carefully shaving off a select amount of enamel from them. This vital step allows us to properly align and size up the veneer product so that it blends seamlessly into your natural teeth. Following this we will acquire impressions of the exact contours and dimensions of your teeth so that we can fashion customized veneers with precision.

The subsequent phase in the process of obtaining veneers is to attend your second appointment at our office. At this point we will affix the veneers onto your teeth and conduct any required modifications to ensure a seamless match. The outcome of this procedure will be a stunning and genuine looking smile that you can take pride in.

Get Your Dream Smile Today

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