With advancements in modern dentistry has come a growing popularity towards using reliable treatments such as dental implants to replace lost teeth over traditional options like bridges or dentures. These permanent tooth replacement alternative does wonders not only cosmetically but also by eliminating speech impediments or issues associated with choosing which foods to eat. The cost of such a surgery however can end up being a daunting aspect for patients contemplating their dental choices.

Price of Dental Implants

Multiple aspects can contribute to differing costs associated with receiving dental implants. These factors include how many teeth are requiring replacement, which type of implant is being employed during the procedure, where one chooses to have it done, whether bone grafting or sinus lifting is needed or not, etc.

The price for one dental implant, from the placement of the titanium fixture to placing the crown on the implant crown, generally totals $4-7K on average. Three separate components make up this pricing: The actual implanted implant fixture itself, an abutment that links it with its corresponding dental crown, and that actual visible part or “cap” placed atop it known as the “crown”.

Patients facing multiple lost teeth, requiring full-mouth reconstruction ought to expect a considerable increase in cost when pursuing dental implants.

Full Mouth Dental Implants

To restore an entire mouth effectively and efficiently usually entails placing four implants per arch. The complete procedure potentially runs from roughly $25K per arch (upper or lower jaw) – depending on various factors unique to each patient. Due diligence in considering these aspects of dental health is essential when making informed decisions about treatment options.

Dentists that do Implants

Investing in your dental health through securing prosthetic teeth via innovative tooth-implant technology can have enduring positive effects such as healthier mouth habits, greater assurance in interpersonal interactions, plus elevated existence-experience. In order to achieve these payoffs successfully through this procedure requires selecting competent practitioners with proven track records concerning implant-placement competency paired with necessary restorative skills. Periodontists have specialized training obtaining necessary expertise required for appropriate diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of periodontal disease while also having precision proficiency for tooth-implant placement to maximize beneficial outcomes.

At Soothing Dental San Francisco, we respect and understand that patients may have reservations about the costs surrounding dental implant procedures. Our aim is for all of our patients to enjoy optimal oral health, which includes having dental implants if required. To facilitate this, our clinic provides several financing plans tailored at making it more economically practical for patients who need them. We also work in partnership with many insurance companies so as not only help reduce costs but also enable maximum benefit usage by patients. Finally, although it may seem costly initial outlay, when weighed up against valuable benefits over your lifetime makes an enormously positive impact worth committing yourself too.

Thank you for considering Soothing Dental San Francisco as your choice for superior oral healthcare services including cutting edge dental implant procedures delivered by skillful dentists. Our mission is always centered on making sure our patients receive customized high quality care tailored specifically towards their unique needs and goals. Reach out today either by visiting us online or calling us directly and we’ll be delighted to assist you with any questions/concerns!