Dental Implants and Crowns for Seniors in San Francisco

As we age gracefully, our teeth begin to lose their toughness and are more susceptible to harm or decomposition. This is why many seniors select dental implantation as a way to replace their missing tooth/teeth. Dental implants have gained huge popularity amongst seniors because they offer longevity and authenticity when it comes to resembling genuine teeth. However, the expenditure incurred from getting a dental implant done in San Francisco can be concerning for some elders on a budget plan. Henceforth in this article/blog post, we shall outline what one should anticipate while considering the costs associated with getting dental implants done in San Francisco along with providing guidance on how you could budget effectively.

Cost of Dental Implants in San Francisco

When considering getting dental implants in San Francisco, there isn’t one set price range due to multiple factors like what kind of work is required and how many teeth need replacing, etc. Generally speaking, however, for just one tooth replacement via an implant within SF CA area, this would come out somewhere between $4K-$7K overall given additional costs for things like x-rays or consultation visits, etc., all factored together with the crown included. It’s best to plan ahead and keep these other potential expenses in mind if you’re considering this procedure.

Some seniors are interested in replacing all their remaining teeth or dentures with implant-supported prostheses that are fixed in the mouth. Those typically cost an average of $25K per arch (upper or lower jaw that is).

Dental Insurance and Financing Options

To undergo a successful procedure of getting dental implants in San Francisco, you mustn’t overlook budgeting considerations. It would behoove you to explore potential benefits offered by your dental insurance carrier for the costs associated with acquiring teeth implants; there are a lot of insurance policies that exclude dental implants as a benefit for the beneficiary. As of recent, some of them don’t pay for implant crowns if you are above 60 years old which is quite strange!

Several dental clinics, including ours, have devised practical financing solutions that can make paying for these procedures less daunting.

At Soothing Dental San Francisco, we acknowledge that for many individuals, the cost associated with visiting dentists for implant procedures can be daunting. As such, we have developed multiple ways for our clients to finance the process comfortably and affordably. Our experienced team of dental health care professionals will work diligently alongside you as a patient in creating an effective treatment program within your outlined financial parameters that will meet or exceed all necessary objectives.

Dental Crowns in San Francisco

Apart from dental implants, our services encompass dental crowns in San Francisco. This treatment option is ideal for patients whose tooth has suffered decay or damage beyond repair through a filling. The cost of dental crowns in San Francisco varies between $1000- $1,900 per tooth.

Book an Appointment

For those intrigued by dental implants or dental crowns in San Francisco, we extend an invitation to schedule an appointment with Soothing Dental San Francisco. Our team of skilled dental practitioners will collaborate with you to devise a customized treatment plan that caters to your financial constraints and dental requirements. To set up your appointment simply visit our online booking platform or call our office at 4159893953.

For many seniors grappling with missing teeth in San Francisco, the cost of getting dental implants may pose a considerable challenge. Nonetheless, there are ways around it: careful budgeting plus exploring financial alternatives open up doors for obtaining robust solutions through such implants. At Soothing Dental San Francisco Dental we pride ourselves on providing viable solutions while delivering excellence in every service delivered—Book an appointment with us now so you too can experience firsthand how our solid implant/crown offerings augment your oral health journey!