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Why should I consider having Soothing Dental whiten my teeth?

Celebrities have dramatically raised the standard for smiles even for those who aren’t on TV, in movies, or Internet stars. But the secret is that even those who were born with a seemingly perfect set of teeth know that cosmetic dentistry is vital to sustain those gleaming grins. Whether for a job interview, meeting new people, or having a first date, upgrading your smile can prevent people from making unfair judgments about how well you take care of yourself. A cosmetic dental makeover starts with whitening.

Everyone who drinks coffee, tea, or red wine, eats dark-colored foods like tomatoes or blueberries, or smokes (anything) will find their teeth start turning yellow pretty quickly, even for those diligent about brushing and flossing. As we age, teeth also naturally darken. You may have tried over-the-counter whitening strips, gels, trays, or toothpastes and been disappointed in the results, even with repeated efforts. Some can even be too strong and do harm.

What are my options for a professional whitening?

Soothing Dental is your whitening headquarters because we have an array of professional solutions that are effective, fast, and safe. It starts with a thorough dental exam to determine the state of your teeth, how deep the stains go, your habits that can contribute to darkening, your routine for brushing and flossing, how often you have the dental hygienist clean your teeth, and your personal and professional needs.

We will recommend the options that fit your lifestyle and goals and it is wise to have your teeth cleaned in advance. One of the most popular is the Zoom system, which involves four 15-minute treatments in the dental chair. This starts with covering your lips and gums to protect them, then applying a hydrogen peroxide gel, then switching on a low-heat lamp that activates the gel. The gel’s oxygen enters the outer layer of the enamel and the dentin layer underneath and bleaches out the stains.

A more advanced approach is Kor Whitening, which is known for its high-potency gels that are refrigerated to maintain their consistency. They produce a high percentage of chemical free radicals that diffuse through the microstructure of teeth, while blocking out saliva and sulcular fluid that dilute the effects of most whitening agents. Kor is a protocol and process of whitening that, over multiple sessions, can give impressive results.

There are a range of other whitening options, from professional-grade dental trays that can be worn at home to a 20 minute Express whitening session that can make your teeth sparkle right before an important event.

Won’t whitening make my teeth too sensitive?

Cleansing the pores of your teeth can make them feel temporarily sensitive. Kor’s system reduces this outcome. Your dentist will take your individual situation into account and may recommend a more gradual approach and the use of a desensitizing toothpaste.

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