Soothing Dental is Now an In-Network Provider for Cigna

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The most deemed after request has been for us to become an in-network provider for different insurance companies. I am happy to let you know that we are now a Cigna in-network provider. This means that the cost of our treatments, for Cigna PPO patients, is based on our agreed-upon fee schedule with Cigna (which is lower than our out-of-network fees). Another benefit to Cigna patients is that now Cigna covers a higher percentage of your costs (up to 10 more) which would bring significant savings to you and your family.

Furthermore, to make it easier to serve our patients, we are officially launching the Soothing Dental Club for Cigna patients (not all features are available to other patients yet). Here is some of the benefits that each member will receive:

  • Participation in our reward program to earn credit toward out-of-pocket expenses of the next appointment (up to $150 per appointment)
  • No penalty for canceling 2 appointments after the deadline which is 48 hours before the actual appointment ($150 per cancellation otherwise)
  • Same-day and next-day appointments through our mobile app or the website (online booking)
  • Talking directly with our dentists through the app or the website
  • Having access to exclusive offers and promotions

If you are a Cigna patient, we have already sent you with information regarding your account. If you are not yet a patient of our office, please feel free to contact us and ask about the benefits. You can call us, use our online chat feature or check our website.