What Soothing Dental is the Right Plan for Me?

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There is an easy way to figure out which plan minimizes your costs. As a rule of thumb, here is how you can pick your plan:

1- If you don’t have much work and have taken great care of your teeth and you want a plan to maintain your oral health the Silver plan is your best option. It covers 100% of your preventative care (regular cleanings, x-rays, checkups, etc). It also covers 25% of your minor care (like fillings) which works great if you have an occasional filling (which happens to the best of us).

2- If you already have some fillings or you need regular deep cleanings you are better off with our Gold plan.

3- If you need more than just a few fillings or have significant dental work or you may want to do cosmetic procedures (like whitenings) the Platinum plan will work for you.

If you are still not sure what plan to choose, we can also help you. You can book your initial appointment with us. We will do a checkup in the office and help you pick the plan that minimizes your costs and you can activate your plan right away. The nice thing is that your checkup visit will be covered once you activate your plan.