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Get Your Same Day Crown in Bay Area

Even if you love your dentist, you don’t love visiting your dentist. We get it. For this reason, we can create a same day crown in our office. Using CEREC CAD/CAM technology, our dentists first images your mouth with a small camera. This means no gagging on an oversized tray full of goop! Next, we quickly design your same day crown using 3D software. We take care to perfectly close spaces and prevent food traps, while creating an ideal, comfortable bite. Finally, we mill that same day crown in our office. When completed, we cement it into place and you’re free to get on with your life.

Our Same Day Crown Qualities

We take great pride in excellent work. Each same day crown is made from bio-compatible FDA-approved porcelain. This material possesses the same wear rate and thermal expansion characteristics as enamel, which greatly reduces the incidences of fracture. In addition, we custom glaze each same day crown to match your natural teeth. This results in a beautiful same day crown that is so lifelike, you and your friends won’t know which tooth is artificial.

What is CEREC?

CEREC (CERamic REConstruction) CAD/CAM technology was developed at the University of Zurich in 1985. As of 2016, over five million CEREC same day crowns and dental restorations have been placed by 38,000 CEREC-trained dentists around the globe. Although this technology continually upgrades, the same day crown process is well established. In other words, you won’t be the first patient to get a crown in a day. At Soothing Dental, we first adopted this technology in 2005.

Your dental crown could be 50% off

Dental insurance often covers half of your dental crown cost. However, whether you have insurance or not, we have you covered. To make dentistry more accessible, we offer Soothing Dental Membership Plans. Our honest, straight-forward plans have no deductible and no annual benefits cap. This means you can get a dental crown or two, maybe on top of a dental implant or after a root canal, then later get teeth whitening and even Invisalign. All in one year.

Contact our Dentists for your dental crown

If you’re reading this, you probably need a dental crown or two. You also need one that is durable, comfortable and fits perfectly. And to make it right, you need an excellent dentist. That’s us. To experience what dentistry should be, simply call or text 415-989-3954 for a same- or next-day appointment. You can also simply book an appointment online now.

"Highly recommend this dental office. Very friendly staff. Dentist provides all necessary info you need and has patience to explain it all to you. They offer free Uber rides for visits so ask about that."

- G C.

"I been going to soothing dental for the past 3 years and I am never disappointed. The staff is friendly. The dental hygienist is amazing. She always does a fantastic job on my teeth cleaning."

- Anna T.

"By far the best customer service ever that I have been to the Dentist. Edith was beyond great and breaking down my treatment plan, and Emma was great with me. Very much recommended."

- Edgar C.