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Pinhole Surgery with our Dentists

Pinhole surgery treats gum recession in an innovative and minimally invasive way. Rather than cutting tissue from one part of your mouth and stitching it where needed, our certified dentist simply pulls your existing tissue into place. To begin with, our doctor cuts a small “pin-sized” hole in your gum tissue. After that, we loosen the tissue from the bone with gentle pulling. Don’t worry–it reattaches quickly. Next, our dentist pulls your gingiva to its healthy pre-recession levels. Finally, the gum tissue naturally reattached to your bone. No scalpel, no stitches, and no long recovery time!

Our dentists are specially trained and licensed to perform pinhole surgery as well as regular gum grafting. Moreover, our dentists have the experience to know when each of those techniques work. We work hard to create a very relaxed surgical environment; while we gently work on your gums, you relax on a massaging chair, watching Netflix through 3D goggles or listening to your favorite podcast or music. And if you’re still feeling anxious, we can add some soothing nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or better yet be sedated.

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Your dental insurance might cover pinhole surgery, and we’re happy to find out for you. However, most insurers limit their coverage–and most don’t even tell you! We at Soothing Dental want to make quality dentistry accessible and affordable. That’s why we created Soothing Dental Membership Plans. First, our plans impose no annual caps or limits on benefits. Second, our plans cover all of the services we offer, even cosmetic dentistry like porcelain veneers and teeth whitening. Third, our plans are very straight-forward, transparent, and honest. So get your pinhole surgery, and a dental implant or two, and unlimited dental fillings, and anything else you need. All in the same year. All covered.

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Meet with our dentists today to find out of pinhole surgery technique applies to you. Or come in for a consultation, meet the team, and see what quality dentistry and service look like. We welcome same- or next-day appointments. Simply call or text 415-989-3953 or schedule an appointment online now.

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