Launching Soothing Dental 2.0 – A New Way of Going to the Dentist

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I have many memories from my childhood; Good and bad. Among them, I remember, vividly, going to my dentist. My mom would book an appointment over the phone after a long wait and then we would show up, wait in a room with a bunch of random magazines, and then after a while, usually a long while, the dentist would see me. He would then inject me to get me numb and he would try to talk to me while I have one of those uncomfortable pieces in my mouth to calm me down. Surprisingly, that never worked and I always wanted to ask why he insisted on talking to me when he knew I could not respond!

I share that story of going to the dentist many years ago (No! I am not going to tell you how old I am), as it remains very similar to the experience we all still have in 2016. Nothing has changed. The experience is still bad and very much stuck in the dark ages. Until today!

We are happy to announce the launch of Soothing Dental. A new way of going to the dentist. Our mission is to save our patients time and hassle and provide them with the greatest experience possible when going to the dentist. We understand that dental care is all about people and particularly the connection between the dentist and the patient. That’s why we work with the absolute best providers in the Bay Area and will continue to maintain a high standard moving forward. I am honored to work with every single team member. They are the ones that define “Soothing Dental”. Unlike corporate dentistry our focus is the human factor and our goal is to get the administrative tasks out of the way. We use the latest clinical and consumer technology to achieve this.

We have our first office in San Francisco CA (450 Sutter st – #2500) and we will be opening more locations in the Bay Area soon (and hopefully will expand to other markets).

If you live in the Bay Area head to the App Store and download our app, simply enter your information and sign up. We also have the option to sign up on our website. Book your first appointment and that’s it! Show up for your appointment (no wait time).

Once in our office, you can connect to our WiFi (80Mbps) or ask  let our staff know that you’d like to watch your favorite Netflix show on Zeiss video glasses while your dentist works on your teeth. We also offer painless dentistry through Nitrous gas for pretty much every procedure that we perform (yes, even for a cleaning) so if you –like me — are uncomfortable in a dental chair, you have that option.. After your work is done, we will take care of following up with your insurance. You don’t need to lift a finger.

After your appointment, we are just an app away. Open the Soothing Dental app and see your treatment plan, ask questions from your dentist or book your next appointment. Hopefully, the next generation will have a different story to tell from going to the dentist.

If you are looking for a new way of going to the dentist or have a procedure that you’ve been procrastinating about, now it’s the time; Install the “Soothing Dental” app and enter the promotion code “Launch” for 25 off of your first treatment plan up to $5000. This promotion is only available to the first 50 users in Bay Area who install the app and enter the promotion code.