inlaysInlays and onlays with our dentists

Porcelain inlays and onlays are excellent solutions for mid-sized cavities or cracks. Also called “partial crowns,” these hard tooth-colored restorations fit into your prepared tooth like puzzle pieces. An onlay covers one or more cusps (the pointy peaks of your tooth), whereas an inlay only covers the groove (or valley).

Our dentists use small dental fillings, made of tooth-colored composite resin, to fix small problems. However, composite wears much faster than enamel. Larger resin fillings mean faster wear and shorter longevity. For this reason, our dentists prefer to use a porcelain inlay or onlay to replace large portions of damaged enamel. The inlay or onlay simply lasts longer. In fact, we have such confidence in these restorations that we warranty them for life for patients on our membership plan. If you’re a plan member and receive a porcelain inlay or onlay in our office, and it breaks or pops off for any reason at any time in the future, our dentists will replace it free of charge.

Our dentists use CEREC to create your inlay or onlay

We create all of our inlays and onlays with CAD/CAM technology (CEREC). First, we avoid placing a big tray of goop in your mouth. Nobody enjoys that, or gagging. Instead, we use a small camera to image your teeth. This creates a digital impression of your mouth. We then design the perfect inlay or onlay on a computer. Next, our CAD/CAM machine mills your final porcelain inlay or onlay in minutes. Finally, our dentist glues that restoration permanently in place.

This computerized process results in several benefits. First, the restorations fit perfectly. In other words, a machine with a few microns of accuracy outperforms a person with a magnifying glass. Next, our dentists design perfect spacing to feel smooth and eliminate food traps. Finally, it’s all done in one visit. We value your time as much as you do. Therefore, you get your final porcelain inlay or onlay immediately and don’t have to return in a week or two.

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Many insurance plans fail to cover inlays and onlays. Actually, many dental insurers fail in several ways—starting with benefits and ending with transparency. We at Soothing Dental want to make quality dentistry accessible and affordable. Therefore, we created Soothing Dental Membership Plans. First, our plans impose no annual caps or limits on benefits. Second, our plans cover all of the services we offer, even cosmetic dentistry. Third, our plans are very straight-forward, transparent, and honest. Get a few inlays and onlays, and porcelain veneers, and teeth whitening, and anything else you need. All in the same year. All covered.

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