Invisalign orthodontic trays have many advantages over traditional braces for those who qualify, including comfort, transparency, the lack of dietary restrictions, and the speed at which teeth can be straightened.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work with your dentist to be sure the process is completed in a way that gives you your ideal new smile.

Start your morning by brushing the aligners with a soft bristled toothbrush. Ideally, don’t use a toothpaste as it can be abrasive; instead, use an antibacterial soap that is neither scented nor colored to avoid transferring the taste or affecting the transparency of the trays.

When you can, take out the Invisalign trays (aka aligners) before eating; rinse them in lukewarm water to remove any plaque or saliva that may have accumulated. Then place them in an orthodontic case to keep away airborne bacteria. After eating, you should brush and floss your teeth before reinserting the trays ideally. That way, food particles that become trapped in your mouth won’t adhere to the aligners.

If you notice that the aligners begin to appear stained, you can dip your brush into baking soda and lightly brush them. Or you can soak them in a bowl of half warm water and half hydrogen peroxide. Using denture cleaners, depending on the cleaner used, could cause staining of the trays. Align (the maker of Invisalign) makes cleaning crystals that you can get through their website; you can soak the trays for 15-20 minutes in an Invisalign solution of cleaning crystals and warm water. Do not use hot water in the solution as that could affect the fit of your aligners. Once you are done, rinse them, and place them back in your mouth. 

All of these could apply to your retainers as well. 

Lastly, you can always bring your trays to be cleaned in the office’s ultrasonic cleaner as well. 

Set an appointment with our team at Soothing Dental to discuss the Invisalign process, and whether this might be what you need to have the confidence to flash a full and friendly smile!

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