How Do I Schedule My Free Uber Ride?

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We offer free Uber rides to/from your dental appointments. This article describes how you can schedule it.
As one of the benefits for our patients in Soothing Dental, we offer free Uber rides to/from your appointment from within 5 miles of the office that you have your appointment in.
To schedule you ride:

  • Install the Soothing Dental’s mobile app. We support iPhone and Android phones.
  • Login with the email that you used when you signed up with us. It’s a password-less login system. So, when you type in your email in the app, you will receive an email that you need to open on your phone to login to the app.
  • One hour before your appointment, your app will show a button that says “Get an Uber ride to our office”. This button only appears one hour before your appointment and is only available up until a few minutes before the appointment. If you are late, the ride may not be available anymore.
  • After your appointment, when you check-out, the button will reappear and you can use it to get from our office to wherever you need to go.