Gum CounteringGum Contouring with our Dentists

Most patients focus on teeth whitening or porcelain veneers to improve their smiles. However, the shape and appearance of your gums also impacts your smile. Gum contouring (or gum reshaping) solves this problem in just one visit. If your gums have overgrown and you have a “gummy smile,” we will use a low-grade pulsing laser to painless remove the excess gums and create a beautiful smile line. If your gums have receded, our cosmetic dentists may use one of several techniques to add tissue to that area.

Alternatively, Botox can be used to address gummy-smile as well. We can go over that with you during the consultation.

Before we begin any gum contouring, we always take time to thoroughly assess your goals and oral health. We then plan your gum contouring in conjunction with any other dental treatment you might have planned. Finally, after the procedure our cosmetic dentists and staff will teach you how to best care for your new gums. After all, we want you to preserve your beautiful new smile.

Your Gum Contouring could be 20% Off

Even the best dental insurance plans don’t reimburse anything for cosmetic dentistry, including gum contouring. The dentists at Soothing Dental think that’s ridiculous. You pay good money for dental insurance and you should get something out of it. Whereas we at Soothing Dental can’t change the insurance industry, we can change dentistry. Therefore, we boldly offer our Soothing Dental Membership Plans. These straight-forward plans discount your gum contouring up to 20%–and much more.

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