Oral health should be given equal attention as the other aspects of healthcare as our mouths are the entry to our bodies. Having a suitable insurance plan should be a priority to help with that objective.

There are a lot of dental insurance companies/carriers in the market place that are offering dental insurance plans at this point. And all have pros and cons depending on the individual’s clinical needs and financial considerations.

Guardian Dental insurance provides numerous essential plans to help with treatment. This reputable insurance plan is acknowledged & accepted by various renowned oral health care providers like Soothing Dental San Francisco.

Guardian, similar to many other insurance carriers, offers several flexible coverage options such as PPO or HMO to keep up with individual patient’s unique requirements. Furthermore, the different policies within Guardian would have different level of benefits for various procedures such as fillings, root canals, crowns, bridges, implants, orthodontics, and extractions. So depending on what your clinical needs are, you want to pay attention to the different aspects of the policies and choose the one that works best for you.

Accepted Insurance Plans at Soothing Dental San Francisco

At Soothing Dental, we accept all PPO dental insurances. We do not accept any HMOs or state-funded plans such as Medicare/DentiCal/MediCal.

Please also keep in mind that certain procedures may not be completely covered by your chosen policy and also note that all policies have exclusions and restrictions, that must be taken into account when making selection decisions.

Soothing Dental San Francisco is committed to making high-quality dental care accessible for everyone in our area because healthy teeth are critical to overall wellbeing. Therefore we believe that investing in your oral health should not be inaccessible, which is why we accept numerous insurance plans such as Guardian PPO Dental Insurance, Delta Dental PPO or Delta Dental of CA along with other leading providers like MetLife PPO Dental, Cigna dental PPO and Aetna dental PPO.

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