Don’t Have Dental Insurance? No Problem. We Have a Solution.

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If you don’t have dental insurance (or if you have a DHMO plan but want to have a soothing experience in our offices) you have two options:

1- Pay out of pocket
2- Subscribe to our one of our plans (recommended)

We believe in price transparency. All of our prices are published online and you can check them out here:

You can come to any of our offices and pay for the cost of the procedure that you need OR subscribe to one of our plans and be charged a discounted rate. Think of our plans as something like a Costco membership. You pay a monthly fee and in return you get discounted rates.

We have a few plans (starting from $30 per month) that cover many of your procedures (up to 100). Unlike traditional insurance plans, our plans don’t have annual limits and cover many services not covered by any insurance (like cosmetics, surgery, Invisalign, etc). We also don’t have any wait-time for our plans. You can start using them as soon as you sign up.

You can signup online with one of our plans or you can book an appointment and come to our office and we will help you choose the plan that works for you. You can then activate it right away while in the office.