Does Soothing Dental Accept Your Insurance?

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There are two major types of dental insurances: PPO and DHMO. The PPO one allows you to go to any office and the insurance company pays a certain percentage of your costs. DHMO assigns you to a specific office and you will have to go to that one office.

We accept all PPO dental insurances but we are not a part of any DHMO plan. We also do not accept Denti-cal.

How can you determine if you have a PPO insurance or a DHMO?

It’s usually written in your insurance card. Look for the word PPO or DHMO anywhere on your card. Another indication is that if your insurance company has assigned you to a certain dental office. That means that you have a DHMO plan.

Can you tell me what my insurance is?

Absolutely. If you cannot tell what your plan is, we can check it for you. We can also check your annual limits and your coverage. Send an email to and send us the following information and we will check it for you:

Date of birth
The name of the insurance company
Group ID
Member ID (or Social Security Number)

Once we receive this information, we will contact your insurance company and check your information and get back to you (usually within a few business hours).