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Dental sealants coat the chewing surfaces of your back teeth to prevent tooth decay. Our dentists paint a very thin coat of clear plastic on the tops of these teeth. This coating quickly hardens and prevents harmful bacteria from attacking your enamel. We recommend dental sealants in two instances. First, for adults with particularly deep grooves in their teeth. Some deep fissures can be difficult to clean. In fact, these can be narrower than a single bristle of a toothbrush! In these cases, bacteria infiltrates and creates cavities–no matter how often you brush. Second, our dentists often recommend dental sealants for children. Because they have yet to experience decades of wear and tear, kids’ teeth have deeper hard-to-clean grooves. Moreover, children usually brush less thoroughly than adults.

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Dentistry is more than a simple transaction, like buying a cup of coffee. It’s your health! You use your teeth and mouth every time you speak, smile and breathe. Each dentist at Soothing Dental sincerely appreciate this. Moreover, we all value service. For this reason, our dentists always take adequate time to fully explain everything to you. In addition, we are ridiculously meticulous perfectionists. Our work is extremely good, durable, and beautiful. Finally, we create a uniquely pleasant environment. Our doctors make themselves available 24/7 for helpful communication. You can always view your treatment and appointments through our app or online. We respond almost instantly to calls, texts and emails. And while we work on your teeth, you relax on a massaging chair watching Netflix through 3D goggles.

Your dental sealants may be fully covered at our offices

Many insurance plans cover dental sealants, or at least they should. Contact us and we’ll research yours for you. However, if your plan falls short (or if you have no dental insurance), we still have you covered. We strive to make quality dentistry accessible and affordable. Therefore, we created Soothing Dental Membership Plans. First, our plans impose no annual caps or limits on benefits. Second, our plans cover all of the services we offer, even cosmetic dentistry like teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and Invisalign. Third, our plans are very straight-forward, transparent, and honest. And fourth, all of our plans cover 100{bbc9d3549b6acfab263fb7d0eac3057ea221391434e14ecc9bad860ab0e5c0c4} of preventative dentistry. This means our plan members pay nothing for dental sealants, dental exam, and teeth cleaning appointments. At Soothing Dental we want to change dentistry, and we’re doing it one smile at a time.

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