Dental Plans for Contractors and Freelancers and Their Families

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We already talked about how to get a dental plan for your company and described a few options. Insurance companies treat dental plans for contractors and freelancers and their family as a different class. In this article we explore the options for dental plans for contractors.

As a contractor you have more limited options for your dental plan than as a part of a bigger group. The reason is that an individual payer is likely to wait until she needs the service before subscribing to a plan. This is detrimental for a risk-based product like insurance. Thus many insurance companies don’t offer individual plans or exclude many services. These limitations make these plans unusable for most people but reduce insurance companies’ risk. You are likely better off paying out-of-pocket instead of paying high premiums for individual plans.

Soothing Dental plans for contractors

We are not an insurance company. We don’t have risk-based products but a lot of our patients are contractors or their company doesn’t offer dental benefits. That’s why we needed to look into how to offer dental plans for contractors and freelancers. We are doing the dental work and have enough data that has enabled us to come up with the following conclusions:

  1. We can accurately predict the cost of dental work based on one’s oral hygiene and age.
  2. If you takes good care of your teeth, your dental cost is limited to cleanings and occasional fillings. There are obviously exceptions but our data shows that the exception is not that common.

This means that unlike medical insurance that is designed to reduce the risk of unpredictable medical risks caused by unknown factors, dental insurance is more of a subscription service than it is insurance. If you know how old you are and how good you take care of your oral hygiene you can subscribe to the plan that minimizes your costs (and we help you make an informed decision).

That’s why we are moving towards subscription-based dentistry. Our individual plans start from $20 per month (which is great for people who want to maintain their great dental hygiene). Our platinum plan ($140 per month) covers people who need to do significant dental work.

Soothing dental plans are unlimited and are designed for getting the work done. Our business model is doing dentistry not making money from statistical analysis of risk-based products like insurances. We also guarantee our work for as long as you are a plan member.

If you are a contractor or a freelancer looking for dental plans that actually work and reduce your costs while providing you a premium service, subscribe to our plans.