Dental Implants in San Francisco: The Ultimate Solution for Missing Teeth

Seniors grappling with missing teeth may feel socially anxious or uncomfortable due to their condition. Dental implants offer a permanent remedy that can bring back one’s confidence and pleasure while eating or smiling. We’re proud to offer cutting-edge dental implant services here at Soothing Dental San Francisco; our expert team ensures our clients receive only the finest care possible within the greater SF region.

Dental Implants for Seniors

If you’re searching for an option in replacing missing teeth that offers both functionality and style, look no further than dental implants!

These remarkable artificial teeth are placed into your jawbone, creating a firm foundation for new replacement teeth like crowns, bridges or dentures. The unique design of these replacements provides patients with renewed confidence as they perfectly match natural teeth in appearance and function.

Seniors encountering tooth loss due to aging related concerns or other factors such as injury or decay may benefit significantly from choosing dental implants as a potential solution. In addition to triggering positive changes in confidence levels among older adults these implants improve their ability to perform tasks related to eating and speaking with ease. Additionally utilizing dental implant procedures is known for helping reduce the risk of bone loss within the jaw region that often results from natural teeth being non-existent.

Tooth Implant San Francisco

Soothing Dental San Francisco takes pride in delivering tooth implant services that are customized to address the distinct necessities of each client. Our highly skilled dental professionals are committed to devising an individualized treatment strategy that is not only feasible for you financially but also complements your lifestyle.

The expense associated with receiving dental implants in San Francisco, CA is highly variable depending on various factors such as; how many prosthetics are necessary for your treatment plan, what sort you require and how intricate or complicated your particular situation may be. Regardless though we remain steadfastly committed to providing accessible implant options for our patients.

Cost of Dental Implants San Francisco CA

Dental implant, the implant body in addition to the crown that goes on top of it to make it be a working tooth, cost about $5-7K per implant depending on what is needed for the specific site. This price is without any insurance in place. If one subscribes to our in-house plans or has a dental insurance policy that would have benefits towards implants, the fee would be different and we can help look into that for every unique situation.

If the prospect of opting for dental implants in San Francisco has arisen within your thoughts let us welcome you to book an appointment with us today. Through the expedient means of our online booking system setting up a consultation session that accommodates your preferences is effortless and seamless. If necessary or preferred alternatively reach out to us directly via phone at 415 989 3953 and converse with one of our team collaborators who will be happy to assist you further.

At Soothing Dental San Francisco our mission is simple: give patients only the best possible level of oral care they deserve while making them feel comfortable and relaxed during their visits. Whatever type of service you require, whether it be a cosmetic treatment or restoration procedure like dental crowns San Francisco residents trust we are dedicated to delivering it with supreme professionalism and compassion. To begin your journey towards optimal oral health get in touch with us today.