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Dental implants are bio-compatible screws that attach dental crowns, dental bridges, or dentures to your bone. Our dentists highly recommend replacing missing teeth with implants when possible. Unlike dental bridges or dentures, implants feel like real teeth. You floss and care for the implant crown just as if it were another tooth. Placing a dental implant appears to be relatively simple process. However, the actual implant planning remains very complex. An experienced implant dentist considers the final crown or bridge contours, materials, stress points, and aesthetic requirements. In addition, the overall health and function of your mouth influences the implant type and placement. For enduring results, you need a dentist who understands these factors.

How our dentists approach dental implants

Our experienced dentists approach the implant process backwards. First, we look at your entire mouth’s function and health. Next, we calculate what dental crown or dental bridge best fits your needs. Finally, we determine if one or more dental implants solves the problem. During this thorough dental implant planning process, we evaluate how you chew and grind. We examine the contours of your neighboring and opposing teeth. We also assess the health of your gums and jaw bone, and your overall medical condition. Our dentists never simply place a dental implant and figure out what to do later. Our standards far exceed that!

When you visit Soothing Dental, your dentist will create a dental implant plan that is tailored to your unique needs. You and your dentist will then thoroughly discuss your dental implant options in plain straight-forward terms. The entire cost will be very transparently and honestly presented. Even better, if you’re on a Soothing Dental Membership Plan your dental implant may be discounted up to 25%!

Sedation option

It is possible to have sedation for any and all procedures, including surgical ones. Sedation could be conscious, meaning you’re awake but out of it (like the YouTube videos that you might have seen!) or fully asleep where you are sedated by an anesthesiologist. We can accommodate either one depending on your need and desire.

A dental implant

Our dentists make the entire dental experience enjoyable–and high end. If you want to avoid driving and parking, just tell us. We know many patients feel tense in the dental chair. To address this, our dental chair massages you throughout the procedure. During your dental implant procedure, watch Netflix with our VR goggles or if you prefer music, wear our noise-cancelling headphones for the entire procedure. Finally, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to all of our patients. At Soothing Dental, we provide the best care. We also provide over-the-top service and by far the best dental experience.

Dental Implant placement and timeline

Our dentists place some dental implants immediately. We can even place one right after removing an infected or cracked tooth. In other cases, we must wait a few months before placing the dental implant. Often the final dental crown or restoration can be placed at the same time as the implant. In other situations, we may recommend you wait for two or three months as the bone around the dental implant solidifies. It’s all based on your unique needs, health and anatomy. Come to our office for a dental implant consultation. Our experienced dentists will happily discuss out your options.

Your Dental Implant could be 25%Off

That’s right. Regardless of what dental insurance you have (or if you have no insurance), at Soothing Dental we offer membership plans that cover up to 25% of the cost for a dental implant. And our plans cover a lot more. Our dentists recognize the ridiculous limits of dental insurance. We hate their confusing reimbursement and non-existent customer service as much as you do. That’s why we’re challenging the system and offering our own straight-forward membership plans.

Contact our offices for your dental implant

Meet with your Soothing Dental dentists today. See if a dental implant is appropriate for you, and learn how our expert dentists provide exceptional care and quality. You’re reading about dental implants for a reason; come in for a consultation and have all of your questions answered. We welcome same- or next-day appointments. Simply call or text 415-989-3953 or book an appointment online.

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