Dental fillingsOur dentists do dental fillings right

What may be small dental fillings to you are meticulous works of pride to us. Our dentists have received special training to perfectly create dental fillings. First, perfect means your dental filling blends in so completely that you can’t tell it’s there. Second, It means the dental filling is perfectly shaped and no food gets caught between your teeth. Third, we sculpt each filling to feel smooth to your tongue. Finally, each dental filling placed in our offices is made of clinically tested, high-quality, durable material. We do it right so we only have to do it once.

Dental filling materials matter

Dental fillings can be made of many different materials. The most common dental filling is composite, which is a liquid plastic that hardens when exposed to a special UV light. Composite dental fillings come in dozens of varieties with variable quality. Our dentists only use the highest grade bio-compatible materials. Furthermore, we require clinical studies to thoroughly support the material’s strength and durability. Our dentists want your dental fillings—and your teeth—to last as long as possible.

Porcelain Dental Fillings

Even when placed by the most experienced dentist in San Francisco, large composite dental fillings rarely last forever. Composites remain ideal for small cracks and cavities. However, for larger repairs composite fillings become just temporary solutions. Even the best quality composites are much weaker than enamel. As a result, large composite fillings wear down over time as you chew and grind your teeth. That’s why our dentists use CAD/CAM technology to produce porcelain dental fillings. Porcelain has the same strength, wear rate, and thermal expansion properties as natural enamel. Our CEREC CAD/CAM unit creates porcelain fillings that fit like puzzle pieces into your prepared teeth. Our dentists have such confidence in this technology, that we warranty our porcelain fillings for life for all plan members.

Metal, Silver and Mercury Dental Fillings

Metal, silver, mercury, and amalgam dental fillings are all the same thing. And they’re all bad. If your filling looks like metal or sliver, then about half of it contains pure mercury. Mercury is toxic and, according to the CDC, there is no “safe” level of exposure. For this reason alone, our dentists never place metal dental fillings. In contrast, we specialize in safe mercury filling removal. In addition, metal fillings are much denser and harder than enamel. As a result, they tend to crack the tooth and its neighbors over time. Furthermore, the first mercury filling was placed in 1819! At Soothing Dental, our dentists prefer modern CAD/CAM technology to something that predates Morse Code. And finally, metal fillings look terrible. We work hard to create beautiful (and non-toxic) smiles!

Your dental fillings can be free with our dentists

Yes, at Soothing Dental we offer a plan under which all of your dental fillings can be free. It doesn’t matter if you need one small filling or (hopefully not!) twenty big ones. It’s all 100{bbc9d3549b6acfab263fb7d0eac3057ea221391434e14ecc9bad860ab0e5c0c4} covered, year after year, under our Soothing Dental Membership Plans—and so are cleanings. Furthermore, our plans have no annual limit or cap. We at Soothing Dental do more than just amazing dentistry. We make it affordable.

Contact our Dentists today for your dental fillings

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