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Dental crowns by our dentists

Our dentists create durable life-like dental crowns that perfectly blend in. In fact, your friends won’t know which tooth is artificial.

The Purpose of a Dental Crown

Dental crowns are natural-looking caps that replace damaged enamel and strengthen compromised teeth. Think of a dental crown as aesthetic armor for a weakened tooth. Dental crowns are needed when decay is too extensive for a filling, or when your enamel is cracked. Dental crowns are also necessary when your tooth has been treated for a root canal, a dental bridge is being placed, or to restore a dental implant. A dental crown can also be used for cosmetic reasons, namely to replace chipped, discolored, or misshapen teeth.

The Other Purpose of a Dental Crown

We understand that your oral care is more than just a long-lasting dental crown. Excellent dentistry is also about the confidence you feel when you flash a beautiful, vibrant, natural-looking smile. It’s about the comfort you feel when you’re eating with your friends and family. It’s about the possibilities and opportunities that open when you focus on what’s going on in life, rather than what’s uncomfortable or embarrassing in your mouth. For these reasons, we at Soothing Dental take great care to always use the most aesthetic and durable materials when creating our dental crowns.

Dental Crown Quality Really Matters

Not all crowns are created equal—far from it. Like houses, dental crowns differ greatly in materials, strength, aesthetics, and function. And like houses, the foundation is extremely important. Our expertly-trained dentists take the time to perfectly prepare the base of your damaged tooth for the dental crown. We then select the appropriate high-end material for your unique situation, to ensure maximum longevity. Our dentists and staff then carefully determine the natural color and shading of your dental crown, so it looks identical to the rest of your teeth. Finally, we permanently cement your customized dental crown in place and adjust it to your unique bite. This entire process requires a great deal of knowledge and skill, and even greater attention to detail. Each dentist in our office has spent years perfecting these dental crown techniques, and our patients notice the difference every time they smile.

Your dental crown could be 50% off

Dental insurance often covers half of your dental crown cost. However, whether you have insurance or not, we have you covered. To make dentistry more accessible, we offer Soothing Dental Membership Plans. Our honest, straight-forward plans have no deductible and no annual benefits cap. This means you can get a dental crown or two, maybe on top of a dental implant or after a root canal, then later get teeth whitening and even Invisalign. All in one year. All covered.

Contact our Dentists for your dental crown

If you’re reading this, you probably need a dental crown or two. You also need one that is durable, comfortable and fits perfectly. And to make it happy, you need an excellent dentist in Bay Area. That’s us. To experience what dentistry should be, simply call or text 415-989-3954 for a same- or next-day appointment. You can also simply book an appointment online now.

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