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Masseter muscles are the jaw muscles that connect your jaw to your cheeks. Certain habits can cause them to become enlarged and change the way you look. The good news is that there’s a treatment that can relax those muscles, break the habit, and restore your face’s natural look.

What are masseter muscles?

Masseter muscles are the muscles on either side of your jaw and are one of the muscle types responsible for helping you chew. You can feel them contract on either side of your face when you clench your teeth.

What causes them to become enlarged?

Muscles get bigger with exercise and just like any other muscle, your masseter muscles can become enlarged due to repeated use. This typically happens to people who clench or grind their teeth when they’re stressed or at night while they sleep. It’s a behavior that’s hard to kick and often becomes a long-term habit. Over time, the muscle gets stronger and more prominent.

What can happen as a result?

When these muscles become enlarged, they can add visible mass to either side of your jaw. This could make your face appear larger or change its shape. For example, an oval-shaped face may appear more square. If the muscle on one side gets bigger than the other, it can create facial asymmetry.

Treatment for Enlarged Masseter Muscles

Botox injections are an excellent treatment for enlarged masseter muscles. This treatment reduces the size of the muscle by relaxing it and preventing it from contracting, which can restore your face back to its natural shape and give your jaw a more tapered appearance.

It can also stop you from grinding your teeth at night, preventing wear and tear and further dental issues. If you need additional solutions for tooth grinding, try a night guard.

It typically takes 20 to 30 units of Botox to reduce the size of the muscle. The treatment is quick, the possible side effects are mild, and you can return to your normal activities right away.

Relax Your Masseter Muscles

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