Are You Ready to Go Back to the Dental Office?

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A pandemic happened! It was a tough year for everyone without a a doubt.

As more and more people are getting vaccinated, it appears that we’re trying to go back to some level of normalcy. And part of that is going to see our physicians or dentists which is great. A year is a long time when it comes to issues going unnoticed, for cavities to grow or for tartar to build up, etc. Furthermore, there have been a lot of our fellow humans who’ve “let go” of themselves during the pandemic; from not flossing to not brushing much …

It seems that some folks are still apprehensive though to come in to a healthcare facility. If the staff are fully vaccinated, the risks are very low if not non-existent. Dental offices have been good with infection control over the past few decades since the AIDS crisis. The thing that has changed lately though is the type of masks being used (instead of level 1 or 2, now level 3 surgical or KN-95 or N-95). Most dental offices are also taking everyone’s temperature before they enter the premises and if anyone is symptomatic (fever, cough or recent exposure), then, they are not allowed in. And if someone is asymptomatic, most offices are using ultraviolet light/HEPA filters as well as defogger mists along with spacing patients physically and time-wise.

The other end is also folks who have been neglecting their oral hygiene, due to lack of motivation or psychological trauma from the shut-downs to just good old-fashion procrastination. A healthy mouth is a gateway to a body that could potentially battle a disease while a diseased mouth is the start point of something more immense typically.

So for anyone who is still skeptical, get in there and see your dentist. Your mouth needs to be attended to ASAP!