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Sleep apnea affects the lives of 20 million Americans, including thousands in the Sunnyvale area, and 95% of them don’t even know it.

Apnea means temporary cessation of breathing. Sleep apnea occurs when an excessive amount of soft tissue anywhere in the airway collapses or obstructs the path while you sleep. As a result of this, you can’t breathe easily. This can happen up to 100 times per hour, and if it does, you frantically gasp for air, without fully waking up. This has a variety of serious impact on your health.

The lack of deep sleep means you stay tired despite having slept. It could lead to lack of full awareness when driving for example and contributes to many accidents and even deaths. At the office, you will find it hard to concentrate or remember things and may fall asleep in meetings (even when they are not boring!). Inadequate sleep can also cause depression, irritability, and lowered immunity. Over time, this can lead to a much higher risk for high blood pressure, arrhythmia, diabetes, obesity, heart attack and stroke.


First, chronic snoring usually indicates sleep apnea, but unless your partner is awakened by it, you may not realize that you do it. Other symptoms are morning headaches, jaw pain or tension, a sore throat due to breathing through the mouth since normal breathing through the nose in this case is inadequate often times. Unexplained weight gain often times is caused by it as well. Men may suffer from erectile dysfunction in extreme cases. Sleep disorder or depression-related symptom might also be associated with sleep apnea, which is one reason apnea afflicts so many people but is rarely identified as the root cause of a health problem.


To begin with, we simply talk about your health and habits. If you exhibit the warning signs of sleep apnea, we can order a home sleep test for you which is done at your own home, sleeping on your own bed. Often times, it is for 2-3 nights. If the home sleep test indicates apnea, our dentists then create a special oral appliance for you. These appliances typically consist of two hard plastic trays that fit over your upper and lower teeth. When worn together when you sleep, the oral appliance moves your jaw slightly forward. This effectively opens your airway and, in most cases, addresses your sleep apnea while silencing the snoring as well. And more importantly, those oral appliances restore energy and happiness to your life.

If you even faintly suspect you have apnea, come in now for a consultation. Our experienced dentists can get you a comfortable home sleep test, so you’ll know for sure. And if you do in fact have sleep apnea, we can eliminate the health risk, end the horrible side effects, and help you get your life back. We welcome same- or next-day appointments. Simply call or text (408) 790-1170 or book an appointment online now.

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