boost your confidence and

whiten your teeth with Kor

Exceptional results without sensitivity

Most effective whitening system

Kor requires a combination of in-office and take-home treatments. This extra effort produces impressive results that that are unmatched by other whitening techniques.

Developed by a dentist

This advanced system can be performed on nearly any patient unhappy with the color of their teeth. Effective results have been achieved for patients ranging from 14 to 90 years old. Even those with very dark teeth or antibiotic stains/striping will see Kor succeed to whiten their teeth where no other system could.

How Kor works

The Kor Deep Whitening process begins with the creation of highly accurate, customized plastic trays that seal in the whitening solution and seal out saliva. They are not your average “bleaching tray”, although they look very similar to other types of whitening trays you may have seen before. Custom trays are worn 8 hours daily for 2 weeks, which most patients do while sleeping. After 2 weeks of whitening at home, the teeth are oxygenated and “primed” to be most susceptible to the next step: in-office whitening. The in-office portion of the treatment completes the whitening, and the results are amazing yet natural-looking. Desensitizing gels are used to minimize or eliminate discomfort, and long term maintenance is easily achieved by wearing the trays for a night or two every month or so. Another maintenance option is to take advantage of our simple Express Whitening, a mild in-office treatment that takes 20 minutes (see below).

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Great technicians and Dr. Saeidi is wonderful. Everyone is very friendly, warm and welcoming. They offer various amenities to make the appointment as...

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I hadn't been to a dentist in over 12+ years due to moving around the world but also some pretty traumatic dental experiences that just made me...

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It has been three, maybe four years since my last confession/dentist visit and I knew there'd be issues. I was uncertain about how much each procedure would...

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